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Welcome to Online Booking!
Please Read Before Scheduling 
Before you book we recommend you visit our packages page to become familiar with the package options.
Simply choose the service you would like to book then add the service to your cart.
Please note the service does not include additional items such as App, Thermal Prints or Video, however you will be able to add these to your service prior to your Sneak Peek!
Upon checkout please Click the Box to save your credit card on file, this will allow us to charge you for any add on you decide to get.

Please Note- we cannot honor your return visit discount if you book online. Please call to schedule your appointment in order to receive your discount.
-Same Day appointments must be booked a minimum of one hour in advance of scheduled time to ensure Tech availability.
-Full Payment, please choose to Save Card for Future use at Checkout.
-Gender Sneak Peek- must be a minimum of 13 weeks, Sneak Peek will be unable to determine gender if the baby measures less than 13 weeks.
-Quick Sneak Peek - must be a minimum of 10 weeks for abdominal Sneak Peek.
-15 or 25 4D Sneak Peek - can be performed anytime during the pregnancy, 27-35 weeks is ideal.